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Here at The Village Manor we understand that when finding a new home for yourself or a loved one there are a lot of questions and concerns. We hope that this frequently asked questions and answers page will aid you in your decisions and put any concerns you have to rest. If the information you're looking for cannot be found below please contact us with your questions here

Not sure if The Village Manor will be a good fit?

Below is a link to download a PDF on independent living that can aid you in determining if yourself or your loved one will feel at home at The Village Manor. 


  • Will The Village Manor take care of my loved one? +

    While The Village Manor does offer some additional services to make our residents independent living easier, Village Manor is NOT an adult foster care home nor a nursing home. The Village Staff does not interfere in the personal life of a resident. Residents continue to make their own decisions about transportation/shopping and activity attendance, medical needs, prescription drug taking and personal care (bathing, sleeping, eating laundry, etc.).
  • What additional services are available? +

    The Village Manor offers an additional service called 'We Come to You' for Village residents and the surrounding area that offers extra services such as: lawn care, home painting, pick up and delivery of groceries, house keeping, laundry, and home repairs. (You can read more about this service on the 'Home Assistance' page). There's also transportation services offered by Village Manor that residents can sign up for.
  • Do residents need to cook for themselves? +

    As we move into our older years we have a shift in appetite, our facilities are setup to accommodated this shift. Village Manor residents have 2 meals included into their rent. Over the years of service to our residents it has been the practice to provide a made to order breakfast. Breakfast is served between 8-9am, this meal is optional which means that residents are responsible for getting themselves to the dining room within this time frame for breakfast. The main meal of the day is served at Noon and is a 4 course homemade meal. These meals are offered 7 days a week all year long. Residents are only responsible for taking care of their evening meal.
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